Welcome to Teule School

We appreciate all learners through inclusiveness

We are a school that
appreciates all learners
through inclusiveness

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Our Classes

All students are placed in age-appropriate classes to receive high-quality instruction

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Special Needs Education

Our teachers give extra help to learners identifed as having special learning needs.

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Promoting wholesome student development through different extracurricular activities.

Teule School

Teule, meaning “The Chosen One,” was founded in 2017 as an 8:4:4 /2:6:3:3:3 day educational Institution for Day-Care through to Class 8 with the core values of Diversity and Inclusivity.

We are a learner oriented school, staffed by quality – first teachers, who encourage learners to explore and discover their world by acknowledging that learners have different learning Styles and Pace.

Patience and Empathy are the most important tools for a Special Education Teacher who endeavors to bring the best out of our Special Needs learners through inclusiveness.

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How we teach

We deliver a fun, exciting, and inclusive child friendly curriculum that enables all children to learn and progress in a safe, challenging and supportive atmosphere.

The Environment

Our child prepared environment and qualified staff help enhance physical, emotional, social, cognitive and language development

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Education from Playgroup begins with us

From Day-care to Upper Primary, we provide different classes designed to suite the learning needs of each pupil at Teule School.

Our Classes

At Teule School, we embrace both 8.4.4 and curriculum. Each curriculum area has essential skills which are specifically taught as part of a continuous and planned program of work at each stage. Much of your child’s work in school will be practical, investigative and problem solving related to real life situations.

Personal & intensive care is given to learners identified as having special education needs.