About Us

Quality Education

Teule School provides a competitive and high-quality education, whose fundamental principles are centered on the integral development of the child.

We strive to build creative, independent thinkers who have the necessary skills and abilities to perform well at personal, social and professional level, thus allowing them to pursue their studies, and actively integrate into a rapidly changing globalized society.

We also aim to develop an appreciation of their various talents, thus encouraging creativity. It is also our ambition to promote healthy lifestyles, encouraging physical activity and sports, whilst instilling safe conduct in our learners.

In accordance with our guiding principles, we promote an education grounded in values, in order to instill a cognitive, moral sensibility in our learners.

We endeavor to be a school that appreciates all learners through inclusiveness


We envision a country in which every child, regardless of background becomes a healthy and productive adult.


To produce an all rounded citizen founded on the religious values to meet the needs in society for a healthy nation and self reliance.

Special Education Needs

Personal and intensive care given to learners identified as having a particular special education need.

Our Curriculum

In Teule Schools, we embrace both 8.4.4 and curriculum. We aim to deliver a fun and exciting, inclusive child friendly curriculum that enables all children to learn and progress in a safe, challenging and supportive atmosphere.

Much of your child’s work in school will be practical, investigative and problem solving related to real life situations. Each curriculum area has essential skills which are specifically taught as part of a continuous and planned program of work in each stage.

The learner is properly guided and given the opportunity to acquire the necessary competencies to progress to a subsequent level.

Our mandate is to provide an elaborate educational program through which children grow toward being balanced, confident, and responsible persons who know themselves, respect and care about others, and contribute to the communities of which they are a part of.